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Improving & Protecting Your Vision

Our technology allows our doctors to provide you with remarkable vision care. Our doctors can see so much more about your eye health when we have the power of diagnostic technology. From eye disease diagnosis and management and comprehensive eye exams, to dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction therapy, here’s how our technology can improve and protect your vision and your health.

Technology for Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Therapy

Dry eyes are extremely prevalent in our Texas climate, but prior to this technology optometrists couldn’t reliably diagnose or treat the root cause of our patients’ dry eyes. Without a detailed diagnosis, we were limited in our treatment options. But that’s no longer the case.

OCULUS Keratograph 5M

The Keratograph 5M is a workhorse of dry eye disease diagnosis and management. It’s a noninvasive way for us to assess the meibomian glands and measure the health of a patient’s tears.

Importantly, it provides clear data that we can share with you to involve you in the care of your dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction.

OptiLight by Lumenis is a light-based, non-invasive treatment done in the area below the eyes to manage dry eye. The first and only IPL (intense pulsed light) FDA-approved for dry eye management.

OptiLight uses precise pulses of light to reduce the inflammation that is typically associated with dry eye disease, improve tear break-up time, and increase meibomian gland functionality.

Low-level light therapy uses specialized LED lights to warm the oils clogging the meibomian glands to improve the quality of a patient’s tears and relieve dry eye symptoms.

Optos California for Retinal Imaging in Every Exam

Our Optos California retinal imaging device allows our doctors to see up to 200 internal degrees of the retina even without dilating your eyes. The imaging takes only a split second and immediately shows any damage to your doctor, allowing her to take action right away. 

How It Helps

Before wide-angle retinal imaging, it was unfortunately possible for retinal damage such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, or retinal tears to sometimes be missed during conventional exams. Detecting eye diseases and conditions at an early stage gives us a better chance to manage the damage and protect your vision, which is why retinal imaging is included in every one of our eye exams.  

Optovue iVue Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Optical coherence tomography is a type of diagnostic imaging that uses light waves to create a cross-section image of the layers of your retina. 

The resulting image gives your optometrist information she can use to diagnose a variety of conditions affecting the retina and optic nerve, including age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. 

How It Helps

We will typically suggest an OCT scan if a patient has a family history of age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma. This quick, noninvasive test, which may be performed with or without dilating the eyes, tells us in moments what a patient’s risk is.

ZEISS Humphrey Visual Field Testing

Your visual field refers to what you can see on the periphery of your vision while you’re looking at a central point. With visual field testing, your eye doctor can detect blind spots in your vision that point to certain vision conditions.

Our ZEISS Humphrey Field Analyzer provides us with rich data to screen for glaucoma, brain tumors, and other conditions as well as track changes in your visual field over time.

How It Helps

Traditionally, visual field testing has been done manually, which can’t provide the high level of accurate data that a computerized test offers.

This device allows us to detect subtle vision changes earlier so we can begin disease management as soon as possible.  

Technology for Better Vision Health

We continue to research and invest in the best eye care technology for improving our patients’ lives. Book your eye exam and let us build a foundation of optimal vision health for you and your family.

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